The Children’s Discovery Museum in Saskatoon-7 Fabulous Reasons to Take Your Kids There

Market Mall
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Have you checked out our Children’s Discovery Museum in Saskatoon? If you have kids that are under 10 years old and the weather is not what you want to experience. You should go. It is inside Market Mall, across from the mini golf and it is a lot of fun if you’re a kid, here is what they love best about it:

1) Craft Area

The sweet thing about their craft area, is that they have collected all kinds of different and unique items for kids to create into whatever masterpiece their little hands feel inspired to do. They also display example crafts for your children to try. This area requires your presence so keep this in mind if you bring more than 3 kids with you. (The staff WILL hunt you down! :D)

2) Camping Area

The camping area is a fabulous mock camping area, complete with a real canoe. If you are like most parents, or maybe me, you will HAVE to climb inside the canoe because it’s a canoe and so damn cool! They  also have a tent set up, a little pretend fire pit with real wood and trees to compliment their forest theme. Great for kids that love outdoor adventures.

3) Stage

Maybe you have a budding performer?? The Discovery Museum has a dress up area with masks and costumes backstage, so that your child can dress up and do their act on stage.

4) Vet Office Clinic

You probably have a child that will be a doctor when they get older! 😉 The museum has a desk set up, along with an appointment log and a light table with real animal x-ray images.

5) Cashier

Budding entrepreneurs will flood to the cashier booth and hand out cash to their friends so that they can have the best deal ever when they buy something. I have never met a child that did not enjoy playing store.

6) Musical Instruments

Drums, organs and morraca’s oh my! Get ready to hear some noise because at any given moment random children will be playing beautiful music!

7) Pocketbook Friendly

Admission is only $3.50 per child. It is also a non-profit organization, so their focus is right where it should, on our children.

If you would like to add other great reasons why your kids love this museum, please feel free to comment.

6 Reasons Why the UltraAVX at Galaxy in Saskatoon Rocks!

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Movies are the best thing EVER, second only to theatre popcorn. As we booked our Pirates of The Caribbean tickets through, we were given the option of Digital 3D and UltraAVX 3D. I have not heard of UltraAVX3D, so we decided to check it out. Here are the Top 5 reasons why it is better than the regular theatre rooms:

1. Reserved Seating!

When you book your tickets online, just like at TCU Place and Credit Union Centre, you get to choose where you sit! If you are a control freak on ANY level, you will LOVE it! Never mind the stress of where will we be able to sit when you get there, or finding enough seats so that you can all sit together, nevermind ANY of that! Choose your seats and be done with all of that.

2. Cushy Carpet

When we first got to the coveted new theatre, I thought that someone had spilled some pop on the floor because my shoes were feeling squishy and then I wondered if my shoes had become randomly extra comfy. No. The carpet is brand new and feels fabulous! Yay to new, cushy carpets.

3. Do you smell that?!

No stale air here. You know the familiar sweatyish, popcorn smell of your classic movie theatre experience, you won’t have that here. It is at this moment, when you look up and realize that this theatre is new and smells new!

4. Seats

As you gaze in wonder, because you live in Saskatoon and you don’t get out as much as you should, you notice that the seats look different. Vinyl? Maybe. But definitely bigger and they lean, not just the broken ones from the old theatre, but ALL of them! Fabulous!

5. Bigger is Better

Bigger always trumps, I don’t care what your significant other told you, they lied and it does! The screen, the new screen is bigger and clearer. With the technology of tv moving faster and movie efficiently than the movie screen’s quality, the quality of the movie screen was getting left behind. This one brings it up to standard. It is beautiful, clear AND bigger!

6. 3D Today

More than likely in 2 weeks there will be better 3D technology available and another new theatre room will be born, but for now this theatre is awesome and the 3D is fabulous. The movie literally sits in your lap and will make you a little dizzy, because of the depth that the screen allows you to feel within the movie.

These are the reasons why you should check out the new (insert some cheesy, suspenseful musical nodes here…) U-L-T-R-A-A-V-X at Galaxy in Saskatoon!

Saskatoon-Top 5 Things to do at The Forestry Farm Park

Summer is here, FINALLY! And just like all of our Saskatchewan winters, I am pretty sure THAT was our longest and coldest one ever!

Making every warm day counts, is probably one of the things we have learnt to do best! We have great parks here in Saskatoon, one of my favorites is the Forestry Farm Zoo Park. This may not be the formal name, but my girls sure don’t know that. As you pay your (huge) $2 admission into the park, I believe it is free if you are inclined to walk ;), you will take a stroll down a curvy road, (the EXACT same road that adorns our Christmas lights every year) and you will see a sign that says, “Forestry Farm House“. Just past the clearing is a super fun day for your family.

The Top 5 Things to do here:

1. Play at the Park!

I believe, the park set up is sponsored by McDonald’s and as you know they have the funds to build whatever they want. Your kids will love this park and will burn copious amounts of energy playing, chasing, climbing and meeting new friends here.

2. Pick Flowers

You child can pick flowers. Maybe to you they are just dandelions, but to your beautiful children they represent hope, hope that whoever is at the receiver end of their yellow capped bouquet will be happy, it is usually their mom, who is (if you are anything like me) thrilled to bits to receive these scented goodies!

3. Fish Pond

Just past the park is a place where kids can fish. You can usually spot a couple of kids with their fishing rods. They have a great set up, there are large rocks all the way around the pond for kids to get closer to the water, as all kids LOVE water, much more than parents are comfortable with sometimes. They also have benches and picnic tables for either you to enjoy your coffee or lunch.

4. BBQ Grills

If it is a beautiful day, why not have a bbq picnic with the family. There are several bbq grill set ups, but make sure to get there early as they do fill up quickly with families. If you do not need the element the grass is well-kept and any spot is perfect for the blanket and your kids will love you forever or until they want something again.

5. Wide open

This park is beautiful and has huge, open patches of grass for you to play catch with any number of flying objects.

Take advantage of this warm day, if it so happens to be one and check out this park with your family, super fun day ahead!

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8 Reasons Why Living in Saskatoon Makes You Amazing! (And it does!)

Saskatoon Skyline in Winter
Image via Wikipedia

Living in Saskatoon, makes you amazing; here are 8 fabulous reasons for living here!

1. Manners

We have them. Sure every generation appears ruder than the previous, but overall our city is FULL of people with manners. We even DRIVE with our best manners. Try merging in traffic in Winnipeg, if your lucky and it’s not a gangster, you will see “the finger”. (I love Winnipeg, but stereotypes are lovely don’t ya think? ;))

2. You Know Everyone

Try going on a holiday and telling people where you live. Well, wouldn’t you know it, they also know Josh, of course it’s through Jessica and their Uncle Roy but they know him! In fact, he spent last summer at their resort! Wow, Saskatoon is the best!

3. Fashion

We can wear our fashion FOREVER here! We can’t? Try telling that to your neighbor, who was wearing a sexy pair of coveralls yesterday, bet she hasn’t had to splurge on clothes for 3 decades now, Saskatoon is getter better and better!

4. Never Ever Lose Your Dog

You know, because the land here is so flat that if your dog runs away, you can see it for 2 weeks. I actually had someone tell me this joke a few weeks ago, I’m not kidding, way too polite to mess with your head (unlike our neighbors in Edmonton, they’ll do it…with a smile!;))

5. Free Coffee

That`s right. Get friendly in any Tim Hortons line, listen to a couple of stories, find a friend in common, complain about the weather (…you already know the small talk deal) and your new best friend is super likely to buy you a coffee, psh that NEVER happens in Calgary, is anyone even FROM there?!

6. Huge Savings Account

We are not ones to spend all of our money or much of it at all. Sure we like debt, but we quietly watched other places get into trouble carrying all of that debt and we learnt from them, thank you United States (we`re STILL watching, how are those banks holding up, your President won because of Twitter…just sayin).

7. Caluses

Maybe this doesn`t sound good, but it is. We like to do projects by ourselves, we watched a friend of a friends pour a concrete slab for herself in her backyard, if Jenna can do that…You name it, we`ve tried to do it ourselves and if we messed up the job, refer to number 6.

8. Humble

I may sound like I am bragging about Saskatoon, but I was born here and have spent (the majority) of my life here, and I am WAY too polite to brag.

If you are from here also, let us recap what makes us Saskatonians, so damn amazing (because we are, I say this humbly); We ALWAYS use our manners (most of the time), we know EVERYONE who has ever lived here (we`re so awesome), we can wear our clothes for the rest of our fabulous lives, we keep track of the dogs that we have (and everyone elses, because we know everyone AND their dogs), we score and give free coffee DAILY, we have tons of cash in our savings (for ALL that coffee we splurge on), our hands have caluses (no wusses here) and we are (mostly) humble, especially in the winter (all 10 months of it!).

If you`re from Saskatoon, and you have more reasons for our extrodinariouslness, list away my friend ;), and if you are from somewhere else and you have a stereotype to add, PLEASE do so! 🙂