Saskatoon-9 Places to Take Your Dad for Father’s Day

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Father’s day in comparison to Mother’s is often less celebrated. The commercials for Father’s day consist of you buying him a huge tv from Visions…which IS awesome but why not shake it up a little and do something fun with your dad! Here are 9 places to take your dad to say “hey, you are pretty decent”:

1) Golf

We have tons of great golfing in and around Saskatoon. As far as I can tell, the vast majority of men enjoy golfing even if their clubs and um balls don’t seem to work very well! 😉

2) Walking

If your dad is not really into golf, take him for a walk. It is a great way to have a relaxed visit and talk about things you may not usually discuss.

3) Movie

Maybe you and your dad do not like to talk very much. Take him to a movie, popcorn and big screen how can you go wrong?! Check out the UltraAVX at Galaxy. It is pretty sweet!

4) Pool

NOT the swimming kind, maybe it is just me but I think that would be a little weird. Unless you have a cabin, but it’s more likely that HE has a cabin. Either way, I mean pool with sticks, that doesn’t sound quite right either…

5) Lunch

People eat, your dad is more than likely one of them. Feed him. Does he have a favorite place? Take him there, men do not love change and especially if you two do not normally go out for lunch, keep his lunch spot the same.

6) Your sister or brother’s house or other non suspecting family member

Chances are if you arrange the gathering and plan everything, you can get away with not hosting it. But you must be quick and talk even quicker. This idea is sweet, but beware the pitfalls and questions such as “why are we having it at MY place and not yours?!” Change the subject and keep planning the best ever Father’s day at their house.

7) Nowhere

Pick up some food and head on over to mom and dad’s. When in Rome. Spend the day doing things dad likes to do and watch the tv shows that your dad likes. Bring your iPhone, there will probably be a nap time in there too!

8) Forestry Farm

Animals are great silence breakers. Maybe you and your dad don’t like to talk, eat, golf or spend ANY time with family. Prefect, go to the Forestry Farm, BUT remember this place will be SUPER busy on that loyal day. Do I hear babies screaming for random reasons, YES, yes you do!

9) Shopping

I know and YOU know that our dad’s probably do not enjoy shopping BUT maybe he will change his mind if you take him to the stores that HE likes. Does your dad have a hobby or an interest in something? Find a place that coincides with that and buy him his present there. You WERE going to buy him something right?!

That’s it, this is where you and I part ways. You continue googling what to get your dad for Father’s day and I write another article completely unrelated to that. Have a fantastic day and take your dad somewhere fun and buy him something that he actually likes! Good luck, dad’s are a tricky bunch.