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There are several great and awesome teachers around Saskatoon who are offering programs for our kids to excel at and build their confidence. What kinds of after school programs do you have your children attending? Including interests and price, what programs are your kids enrolled in that are really great? There are several options available, here is an unbiased list of several places around Saskatoon. Feel free to add your favorite place where you are teaching at, or give a review of one of the places that are listed.

1. Sports

There are so many places, including schools that offer any kind of sport that may interest your child. I usually list links for the places that I find, but there are so many that you will have to choose a sport and find a place either close to home or friendly on the pocket-book. Also remember that Canada has a $500 grant write off for children’s fitness, so keep those receipts! 🙂

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Bowling
  • Skating
  • Skating
  • Badminton

2. University of Saskatchewan

U of S has a list of great summer camps. They programs are varied and look interesting, each in their own way. Kids get bored during summer holidays and bored kids find their own mischief, why not have their minds grow in positive ways?

3. Art Classes

If you have kids that love making and creating things, they will love learning how to make and create even cooler things.

There could be a host of more schools in Saskatoon, but these are the two that I found the most information on for kids.

4. Martial Art Classes

Martial arts are great because it teaches discipline and self-control. If you have kids that you are trying to teach these skills to, with little success, enrolling them in some of these classes might benefit them as well as you, greatly. These also qualify for the $500 Canadian Active kids grant.


More of a drop in style list of programs, but the YMCA has a great selection of choices and unique things to learn (baton twirling being on the list). If you are looking for a reason to work out (who isn’t), the programs offered here might be a great incentive for everyone.

6. City of Saskatoon

I tried to get the link for the program listings, to give you a better overview but the link is not working. You may have to call them to get a list of programs or register by phone. I am sure they will have a great list of programs for your kids and more than likely reasonably priced. Worth looking into.

7. Dance Programs

The dance programs offered are quite varied, based on the teachers, locations, prices and specialty. I have my girls going to La Danse and they have great things to say about their programs and teachers.

8. Gymnastics

Great way for your children to burn some of their energy and learn balance and coordination as well.

9. Your Child‘s School

Schools host programs as well. The two major perks are that your child will know most, if not all the kids there and they are usually less expensive than other organized activities.

I know there are several other programs and activities in Saskatoon, please feel free to list them. Extracurricular programs are so important for our children’s social, intellectual and emotional development. Please give reviews of places if you can.


Saskatoon Birthday Party Places for Kids

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Today is my youngest daughters birthday! She is 5 and has told everyone that she comes in contact with that she is going to be 5 soon! In fact, half way through last week she already started to tell people that she was 5! Obviously because 5 is WAY cooler than 4! Kids are the best thing (most times) EVER!

What do you do for you child‘s birthday parties? You have the over the top pony show option, the “just” family option, the lets invite a couple of your friends or lets take this party elsewhere deal. For me personally, I have 2 girls and I know how crazy excited they get when absolutely nothing is happening and birthday’s amplify that by 417. I always take my kids and their friends “out”, where someone else does all the work! 🙂

Here is a list for all of you Saskatoon parents wondering where to host your next child’s next birthday party:

1. Fun Factory

This is my favorite place to bring my girls. They can run wild for an hour, you can rent a party room for the gift opening, messy lunch eating and cake goodness and then, you simply go home. Your kids are exhausted and happy and you do not have to clean up anything, beautiful.

2. Cinema Theatre Birthday

Same deal as the Fun Factory. Your kids chill and watch a great movie and you rent out a room and the cinema takes care of the rest of the details for you. Perfect for a group of kids that can sit still. Maybe in a couple of years…

3. Can-Am Gymnastics Club

This place is really interactive. They have someone teach your children some gymnastics for an hour. What a great way to enjoy a party. The kids have a chance to learn a little and have fun! Great idea. They host party’s on the weekends.

4. Dreen’s

This place is great for your budding little baker. They teach your group of kids (minimum 8) to make their own snack. This place would be most ideal for children that are not food “picky” and kids that love spending time with you in the kitchen.

5. East View Bowling

When was the last time you thought about bowling?! I remember bowling being a lot of fun when I was a kid. This place would most likely offer something that your kids do not regularly participate in. The nice thing about hosting the party here is that there is not a minimum number of kids that needed.

6. Taiso

Another great gymnastics place. The rates look great, they do not require a minimum number of children, they allow you to run your own birthday “show” in the room, the clean up is your responsibility when the party is over, so bring a spouse or friend to help out.

7. Kinsmen Park

Rides, inexpensive ones that your little ones will enjoy! For kids with summer birthdays. This place looks great for a summer birthday and you have the freedom of having a birthday picnic in the nice park area too.

8. Lawson, Lakewood, Harry Baily, or Shaw Center Civic Centers

Do your kids love to swim? This place allows you to host parties in their pool area and they have birthday rooms for your little one’s entourage! Perfect.

9. Michael’s

This place looks like so much fun for kids that love to do crafts and arts providing that they are at least 8 years old. Your child picks the project and a host will lead your group into making their chosen craft. Everyone will get to take something home and kids do like when they can take stuff home!

10. Ruckers

Video game mania! This place is hosted in an arcade type setting and ideal for kids that really enjoy video gaming. You can rent this place out after hours too, which is an added bonus.

11. Mini Golf

What birthday list would be complete without mention of mini golf. We have an indoor one in Market Mall. (Best mall ever). If you have a golf enthusiast in the family, that has not yet gone pro this could be a cool place to host their next birthday.

There you have it. A list of 11 great places to host your child`s next birthday party! There are more places, but these are my favorite as they have an activity element, mostly the work is done for you and your child can have a super good time too.

Any places to add to our list? Please feel free! 🙂

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