16Birthday Places for Kids in Saskatoon

Today we are going to look at new or traditional birthday places here in Saskatoon. We both know that this topic has been covered at least twice in the inter webs of the world, so we added a few birthday places.

Our kids like to have fun at birthdays, we like them having fun at their birthday, we like to not be stressed at their birthday so where can we go to increase their fun and decrease our stress.

Let’s do this! (All headlines are clickable and will take you to the site you are looking for)

Pool Partay!

Choose any of our public pools, call first because they take turns cleaning and doing maintenance on them. They have a pretty sweet set up if your kids like to swim, you choose a theme, they give you an hour and a half in their party room, they provide a gift bags for the kids and you and the group can swim for as long as you like before and after the party. Just make sure you have enough adults to supervise depending on the swim skill level and the age of the kids. Our favourite kids pool is Shaw Center because they have a water slide, a safe kids pool and a youth hot tub. Every pool has their own highlights.

Movie Theatre Partay! 

Popcorn Parties!! What child (or adult) doesn’t like movies and junk food! This is great birthday spot, even for those kids will a little extra spunk in their brain activity centre. They set up a row of seats for your party and give you the party room to do as you please after the movie. The cost is $13 or $15 per child ($91 vs $105 with the minimum of 8 kids). Affordable and nice and easy for the parents.


I love the idea of build a bear and I think that if we were properly set up here, I would highly recommend what they have to offer. The best part of build a bear is that each child takes home a stuffy that they made themselves which includes a heart energized and chosen by them! The birthday child gets a cloth heart from all of their friends and places each one inside their special stuffy. It’s really an amazing and unique experience for the kids. As a parent they have a set up where you can send an e-card for the birthday party or print out invites from their site, which is a nice little perk. Now for the other side, both of our locations (I attended midtown) do not have a birthday room so having cake and presents adds a little extra ‘gong’ to your birthday show. If you like to juggle and enjoy being a parent of adventure then this is the birthday venue for you er your child. Based on attendance of 6 children (in our Saskatoon location), you are looking at a cost of approximately $75, which includes a stuffy and very basic clothing.

 Ruckers/Fuddruckers combo

I have done a birthday party at only Ruckers and have had one with Fudd’s included. As your kids get a little older, I think the combo is a fun birthday idea because then they are not as dependant on their parents for entertaining purposes and can hang out by themselves (sad ;)). Fuddruckers (as you know), has delicious (super low cal) food and Ruckers is like being in Vegas for kids. Wait, we were going to look at the positive aspects first! Ruckers is great because you dole out the money for the coins and the children scatter to play all of the games and you can monitor everyone by walking around the arcade/’gambling for kids’ hangout. They cash in their chips er tokens and collect prizes. I have yet to see sadness on the face of a child as they are looking up at the wall and cabinet of post game prize choices, similar are the looks of adult faces at slot machines in Vegas, how could I not compare and love the two?!

You can run the party yourself or hire a host. If you have a group of younger children, the host could be an asset for you. It DOES cost a little more, which really should come as no surprise. For a self hosted deal, kids under 12 are $6.79 for their meal and yours will be around $12. Fuddruckers will reserve your table (if you call ahead) and let you bring in your own cake and presents (which is completely awesome of them). Ruckers is as much as you would like it to be. You pay for the tokens and they will dole them out to the birthday party children, you can buy a lot or just a few; basically for $60 you get 212 tokens and most games are 3 tokens to play.


For all of you crafty peeps out there who produced equally crafty children, Michaels is a perfect birthday party location. You are looking at 2 hours, 1 hour devoted to the craft of your child’s choice and then second is for ‘refreshments’ aka juice and cake, just give me the goods! The price ranges from $5-$10 per child, with a minimum of 6 kids, the max being 12. This can end up being relatively inexpensive, if cost is a consideration.


You’ve heard of it, I’ve heard of it. Tried and true birthday place of choice! We have 2 locations, that you already know; Eastview and Fairhaven! You are looking at 2 hours of goodness for kids, one hour of bowling and of course one hour in the ‘party’ room. They offer 3 packages, Silver ($64.99 just refreshments), Gold ($79.99 pizza included) and the Diamond package ($99.99, extra-large pizza and longer bowling time). All in all birthday affordable goodness.

Let’s Get Cooking!

I would LOVE to recommend a place, really I would, so if you have a place to recommend, please a mother out!

Hair Party!

Never mind your child’s birthday, I am pretty sure I need a hair party for my next birthday! Beaners offers up-dos, manicures and makeup for your little bundle of diva joy. They range in price from $100 (basic, no theme) to $160 (nothing but the best for your princess), the minimum number of children is 6,  1-1.5 hours of pampering good times!


I am focusing on Can-Am for this birthday party option, as I have had two birthdays here, well not me personally because no one likes to spill their drinks. This birthday set up is for an hour and forty-five minutes. One hour for your kids to use their abundance of energy and 45 minutes to scarf down cake and rip open coloured paper for the materialistic hope of joy. $175 and 12 of your child’s favourite friends is a decent price point. You provide the cake and drinks (don’t buy ice cream as you do not have access to a fridge or freezer). The kids from what I have experienced, have a great time and are usually on a nice birthday high after the party.

Wilson’s Entertainment Park

Jumping ($12 per child), putting ($12 per child) or racing ($22 per child). They are only available for summer birthdays but what they offer is unique, especially the racing package. I don’t think you can have a bad time whipping around in a race car, but add that to the hype of a birthday and you have a special day!

The Fun Factory

I have seen and had MANY birthday parties hosted by the Fun Factory and I would like to recommend a name change on behalf of all tired parents out there, but I digress. This place is a perfect set up for a winter birthday party for kids under 7, imo one of the best. The kids go crazy on the play centre for as long as you need a break ;), then you have your party room, which can include your cake, presents and food if you would like to add that. For price you are looking at $14.25 (for 45 minutes in a party room basically) up to $21.75 (includes a game of laser tag and some game tokens, as well as the party room). I have had both options and laser tag is a great addition for the party.

Skating Party!

Maybe your child is a skating star or LOVES to skate, once I share the price with you it will become more clear why little Johnny must LOVE skating. You can rent a room to have the cake and presents for $35 an hour and if you are looking for private skate time, it is $262 per hour. How much do you love your child our society asks you. This would be a great birthday if you also invited your large family and then essentially the cost would be engulfed by the wicked party you threw. Take a bow.

Pottery or Canvas Time!

Maybe your little or not so little one, is an artist. If your child oozes with creativeness this is an ideal place to throw their next party! The cost is $8 per child (minimum 8 kids) the pottery choice is extra, starting at $9. For a painting party the cost is $22 (minimum 6 kids) and everyone gets to take home their masterpiece. Art Gallery here we come.

Blades Birthday

For your hockey lover or to show Saskatoon pride, this party is for you. The packages range from $138.50 (8 kid seats, 2 adult, treat bags and mini sticks), $152 (additional; ice cream cake and pop in the DQ birthday zone) and $160 (additional; tour of the Blades changing room). I can already hear the music playing!

Paintball/Laser Tag

We have two places in Saskatoon that offer Paintball and Laser tag. Rock Ridge Paintball games on Millar Ave. (306-956-2266), which is all indoors. The party is for ages 10+, although when you call they remind you that it can be rough and this party will run you just under $30 per child.

Merrill Dunes (306-280-4100) is outdoors and they offer laser tag but only during our warmer months, April and beyond. For a private party that expect you to have an average of 14 people.

Momentum Martial Arts

This birthday party idea comes from “Ashlie”, (from our old site ThinkSaskatoon, thank you Ashlie). “Momentum Martial Arts on 33rd and Avenue D, throws a GREAT birthday party. They teach an hour long martial arts lesson followed by games. There are special things you can add to your party like a NINJA. The staff will also help your child cut a cake with a real sword (closely supervised). The kids return home excited and exhausted.”

I know the birthday lists have been done and done but this one is better. If you want to add or critique any of the birthday party places mentioned, please do so. Cheers!

20 Places to Walk in Saskatoon

20 Places to Walk in Saskatoon

I love walking because it is (mostly) free and always healthy. Here are 20 Places to Walk in Saskatoon:

For me I always start exactly where I am, in my neighbourhood.

1. Outside your front door. Just start walking, taking some selfies during your journey. You will see stuff because you brought your phone and all of friends inside your phone.

2. Dog parks are another great place to walk. It does help to have a dog just because if you’re not a dog lover you may resent furry friends saying hi as you go on your journey. All the dog walks are pretty fabulous and give you a quick break from citiness.

3. Cranberry Flats. If you like hike style walks, Cranberry Flats has your back. I have seen a naked man on my walks, he wasn’t bothering anyone and was discretely without his shorts. In the summer you will see kids playing on ‘the beach’. I say on ‘the beach’, because there is kind of a smell due to the river (maybe) running through the middle. But this is Saskatoon and we do like to do things like play in the river. 😉

4. Beaver Creek. Have you ever fed a chickadee? Because until I had been to Beaver Creek this was still dangling (unbeknownst to me) on my bucket list. They have three nature paths that are calming and gorgeous to walk.

5. Waneskewin is a local native preserve and holds an energy unlike other place in our city. You can do a quick 20 minute nature walk or spend hours walking the trails. OR if we’re in the throes of winter, walk around their museum, for me it stretched my idea of Saskatoon culture. They have a restaurant that has pretty delicious post walk eats. Highly recommended.

6. Forestry Farm Park and Zoo (say THAT 3 times backwards). The forestry farm zoo can be a wonderful walk if you love wildlife and have an interest in animals. It is well kept and they have new animal displays almost every year. You can walk the perimeter of the forestry farm park as well.

7. The Atrium. I don’t want to oversell The Atrium, but from experience I can tell you that when it is -35 and you have been house ridden for the last week, this is a nice little resort. 😀 Mini waterfall, koi fish and an adult size zen garden for your relaxing and raking pleasure.

8. Mendal Art Gallery and Conservatory. I love walking to the Conservatory first and taking a few huge breaths of the plant air and then heading over to the gallery. I start in the basement because that is usually where the really freaky art is. I love how they theme up the entire second floor with displays. Great place to spend time contemplating.

9. Straight up U of S grounds. We have a beautiful thing going on at our University. Walk around and see it.

10. The library. I prefer the one downtown just because it’s big.

11. Broadway Ave. Everyone walks around Broadway, so you could be another person doing that. We have cool shops to check out that you may not find anywhere else in Saskatoon.

12. Farmers Market. This IS Saskatoon, we ARE known for farming which is a little ironic considering we have 2.5 months of warm weather EVERY year. The Farmers Market is like going on a vacation and shopping locally, it’s EXACTLY that good!

13. Outdoor Fitness Circuit in River Landing. Maybe you want to flex your muscles during your walk. We got that covered. Pump it!

14. Grasslands. Just behind Silverspring School is a whole adventure just waiting for you to walk into it.

15. Doctor. Hey! Did you know that we have free healthcare in Saskatoon and we can go ANYTIME we like? That is what makes Saskatoon better. Walk to a clinic.

16. New neighbourhoods. Evergreen, Willowgrove, Stonebridge, Rosewood, Hampton Village you get the idea. The outskirts of Saskatoon is the theme for this walk.

17. Old Neighborhoods. Don’t you just love the trees? The fact that each house is (crumbly) unique and tells its own story. Old neighbourhoods are the best. My fav’s are Buena Vista, Exibition, City Park, Montgomery.

18. Downtown. How could I leave downtown Saskatoon out of the mix. You can hit up a coffee place or have a couple of beers at a pub, either way you can alter your perception nicely and take in a new perspective of Saskatoon.

19. Western Development Museum. If you have never been here, first I would ask if you were serious and then I would tell you it’s pretty cool there and you should go. My favourite part is ‘main street’, the have set it up to feel like a town during Boomtime (1910?). All good.

20. Any mall. Midtown is great because it is a decent size. As noted with #10, big is important when trying to keep our heart rate up, with walking.

Aside from your house to your car, where do you like to walk in Saskatoon?

Free Activites in Saskatoon for Your Kids this Summer

Free is awesome. Kids with too much free time is not awesome. Here is a list of activities in Saskatoon that are free (yay!) for your kids (and you) to enjoy!

1) Water Parks, Playground Programs and Paddling Pools

There are water park playgrounds all over Saskatoon, near most schools, that turn into fabulous water fun lands. The City of Saskatoon has compiled a handy little list for your pleasure. May I suggest hitting up several locations throughout the summer?? You children will LOVE YOU! 😀

Handy list of water parks link. (Which is also, I might add…handy ;))

2) Parks

I realize the list above ALSO says “parks“, BUT this list is compiled of free play or picnic type parks. Make some lunch, grab a frisbee or their DS’s and head our to a park. We have several parks, all listed by neighborhoods. Check out some new ones and favorite ones. I do not think family’s do park outings enough. Great way to spend a family day AND it’s free!

Saskatoon Park’s

3) Walking, Biking, Blading

Soo many walking paths around Saskatoon! Why not take an active approach to a beautiful summer day and tour some of our great walking paths!

Saskatoon Walking Paths

4) Library

You may or may not have budding readers on your hands, but the library is a great place for your kids to spend some time reading or looking through books and subjects that they may not regularly read. You can also download library books to your e-reader, which is a sweet added bonus.

Library Locations and Info

5) Mendel Art Gallery

Art is a great way to expand your children’s mind. If you have an exceptionally creative child, they will very much enjoy this experience. The Mendel Art constantly features new artists and their work.

Mendel Art Gallery

6) Backyard BBQ

Invite family and friends and have a backyard bbq. The key to making this successful is to keep the kids busy. Think paddling pool, swing set, trampoline, a bouncer and toys. The next key thing is food, have everyone bring a dish. You can organize it by having a list of food items that you want made and as you call to invite people have them choose what they would like to bring.

7) Scavenger Hunt

These are easy to create and are a lot of fun. You can set it up in your own yard, or a park or all over Saskatoon if you feel motivated to do so. This will definitely give your kids something to talk about when they go back to school.

Summer is a short-lived event in Saskatoon and summer holidays best, when enjoyed. Give your kids the best summer ever, with this list of free things to do! 🙂

The Children’s Discovery Museum in Saskatoon-7 Fabulous Reasons to Take Your Kids There

Market Mall
Image by daryl_mitchell via Flickr

Have you checked out our Children’s Discovery Museum in Saskatoon? If you have kids that are under 10 years old and the weather is not what you want to experience. You should go. It is inside Market Mall, across from the mini golf and it is a lot of fun if you’re a kid, here is what they love best about it:

1) Craft Area

The sweet thing about their craft area, is that they have collected all kinds of different and unique items for kids to create into whatever masterpiece their little hands feel inspired to do. They also display example crafts for your children to try. This area requires your presence so keep this in mind if you bring more than 3 kids with you. (The staff WILL hunt you down! :D)

2) Camping Area

The camping area is a fabulous mock camping area, complete with a real canoe. If you are like most parents, or maybe me, you will HAVE to climb inside the canoe because it’s a canoe and so damn cool! They  also have a tent set up, a little pretend fire pit with real wood and trees to compliment their forest theme. Great for kids that love outdoor adventures.

3) Stage

Maybe you have a budding performer?? The Discovery Museum has a dress up area with masks and costumes backstage, so that your child can dress up and do their act on stage.

4) Vet Office Clinic

You probably have a child that will be a doctor when they get older! 😉 The museum has a desk set up, along with an appointment log and a light table with real animal x-ray images.

5) Cashier

Budding entrepreneurs will flood to the cashier booth and hand out cash to their friends so that they can have the best deal ever when they buy something. I have never met a child that did not enjoy playing store.

6) Musical Instruments

Drums, organs and morraca’s oh my! Get ready to hear some noise because at any given moment random children will be playing beautiful music!

7) Pocketbook Friendly

Admission is only $3.50 per child. It is also a non-profit organization, so their focus is right where it should, on our children.

If you would like to add other great reasons why your kids love this museum, please feel free to comment.

Saskatoon-Where to Find Birthday Decorations For Your Child’s Party

Construction Birthday Party
Image by Kid's Birthday Parties via Flickr

Birthday party‘s are best when there is an abundance of decorations, just ask the birthday kid! The best way to buy the right decorations is to:

  • Pick a theme. 
  • Pick 3 colors that support it.
  • Choose some games for the kiddies.
  • Set a budget.

Where do you find birthday decorations in Saskatoon?

1. Walmart

We have 3 stores here in Saskatoon, Stonebridge is the best location for everything. Depending on the season, you can get some pretty cool, inexpensive toys for the goody bags too! Walmart has a birthday section, it has the basics for your childs party and everything as you know is priced afforably.

2. Dollarama

The store that I find has the best selection and the most product, is the one in Willowgrove/Arbor Creek/Erindale area. I like Dollarama because the store is smaller and filled will things that kids love. Mostly cheap and lasts for a few months of enjoyment.

3. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

If you are looking to kick it up a notch, check out Bibbidi, they have costumes for girls party’s. They specialize in princess and have adorable princess costumes for your party.

4. Birthday Express

There is a great place online, called Birthday Express. They provide you with everything you need for your child’s birthday party, minus the cake. You will love the site, check it out!

5. Birthday Cakes

I always find great cakes at any grocery store, Dairy Queen or Jerry‘s. Check out their cakes. If you do not find any that you like, they have a binder with cakes that they can design for your child’s party. If you want an extra fancy cake, have a look at Sugar Moon Cake Co in Saskatoon. They make beautful cakes!

If you have any great places in Saskaoon to recommend, please list them.

Saskatoon Forestry Farm: 6 New Ways to Enjoy It!

Welcome to the Forestry Farm Park and Zoo Sask...
Image via Wikipedia

If you live in Saskatoon I am quite certain that you have been to the Forestry Farm, even more so if you are a parent. In fact, you probably have a season pass, because it is kinda like giving charity to our zoo animals. Us Saskatonians are a thoughtful bunch that way.

After going to the Forestry Farm 3 times, you probably feel confident that you have seen all there is to see. I am giving you new glasses today and 6 new ways to enjoy our friendly neighborhood zoo…

1. Quarters

No not for the bars that are prohibited here in Saskatoon, but for the birds. The next time you check out the Forestry Farm, bring a pocket full of quarters for bird seed. For your entire duration while in the park gates, resolve to only seeking out birds and feeding them. This will shift your entire experience. When you are all out of bird seed, disinfect your hands and go home; today was bird day, NOTHING else.

2. Random Walk

On Random Walk zoo day, you are only permitted to walk off the beaten path. You may need a child leading you on this day’s adventure. Spend the morning walking on all the natural paths that swing around the animal gates and the other paved, much more taken paths. The best way to prepare for Random Walk day is to tell your child (if you don’t have one, get ready to get strange looks when doing this) that today is adventure day and have them lead you on the random walk.

3. Picnic

You have done this. DON’T do this at the benches in front of the concession area. THAT’S not a picnic, that’s lunch…outside. Bring a blanket, your little lunch kit of food and hand sanitizer! Have a picnic in the zoo area (preferably away from bird feces). The Forestry Farm has beautiful trees and nicely shaded areas for relaxing and picnicking.

4. Train Day

Train day is great for lazy days or the super hot ones where your shoes are melting to the cement. Hop aboard the train and enjoy a little of the scenery, that you may not regularly enjoy because the train ride covers the entire perimeter of the zoo and let’s face it, that’s a big walk for your day off. After your exhausting train ride, go home and nap…your deserve one! 😉

5. Tourist Day

Do you own a flower shirt and a camera?? You are soo ready for this! You need friends with the same gear, large group is best. On Tourist day you take 300 pictures and ask total strangers to hold your purse or bag while they take your picture. You want pictures of you standing in front of EVERYTHING! In fact, grab a local and get a picture with them too and mumble to your friend how they look like so and so and how that’s weird. Post that on Facebook, best day EVER.

6. Forget Glasses

On THIS special day, you need glasses ones that help you read stuff. But oops, wouldn’t you know it, you forgot them at home! Silly you! As you walk through the zoo, everytime you get to a new enclosure ask your new friend (the stranger standing beside you) to read the plastic animal info chart and tell you what it says. When they are done reading it, you say hmm that doesn’t make any sense, with a confused look on your face. Maybe this one should be entitled forget brain day, whatever you call it, it will be a unique experience.

Okay, there are your 6 NEW ways to enjoy our classic Saskatoon Forestry Farm, I didn’t say they were good ways, I just said they were new and they are, until you do them, then well, technically they’re not.

Saskatoon Circus-Hope You Brought Cash (Lots of it!)

As you know, because Saskatoon is more small than huge, the circus was just in town. If you have kids, I can only assume that you went because it felt like every parent and child in Saskatoon were cramped into the hot, smelly, mosh pit like tent. Of course, that is only my perspective, the kids thought the circus was amazing and fun!

The BEST part of the circus, were the shows. They included:

  • Trained Horses
  • Acrobatics
  • Hilarious Clowns
  • Trampoline Dude
  • Elephant Rides
  • Puppy Show

Every act was unique and done very well. I give kudos’ to the people who travel with the circus and commit their lives to performing acts, some of which seem quite dangerous at times. Thank you to all the performers, you did an amazing job!

I DO have a couple of things I would adjust before I consider the circus again:

One of the challenges of the tent set up was trying to leave during intermission or after the show. It was very unpleasant, there was not a clear system and it took 15 minutes of very slow walking to escape the chaos. The experience was made worse, because like most parents of children you are catering to a irritable, tired, over stimulated, wanting toys, need to pee, hungry, child. A new system needs should designed or alternative exists created. The circus was in a make shift tent and the effort in trying to leave might be considerably different at the Credit Union Centre.

Another frustration, was the frequent pausing of the show to advertise how us parents could spend more money, as the travelling food and toys made their rounds. The tent was hot and muggy and at any moment, children could have random tantrums and cry fits, we know there is food and toys making their rounds, please do not stop the show to let us know this.

Overall, the circus was a great family outing and when it comes to Saskatoon I am sure that I will again be there with tickets in hand. My advice to you before you head to the circus is to either give your children a budget OR brings lots of cash, because you my friend are going to spend it!


Saskatoon: Old Fashioned Birthday Party’s

Kids Birthday
Image by StaunchThrowback via Flickr

Remember when you were a kid? You and EVERY kid who lived on the street, would go to ALL birthday party‘s of the children that lived on the same street? Birthday party‘s were always held at our houses and included games, presents, hot dogs and cake! Old fashioned birthday’s, does anyone have these anymore?

Here are 4 Great Things to do at your child‘s next birthday party, old school style:

1. Decorate it up!

Every child loves to help you with decorating the house, especially for their birthday. Go all out! They will NEVER forget all the decorations and the time you took, spending it solely on them. Check out Wal-Mart, Dollarama (the one in Willowgrove is amazing!) and Micheal’s!

  • Birthday Banners
  • Balloons
  • Streamers
  • Chair decorations

2. Bake!

Most parents, myself included go to the store and let their child choose a cake, because hey THAT was easy! I am suggesting letting them choose the cake that YOU decorate. You can color your icing, to create designs and buy cake toppers to top off your pretty cake. Be creative, it might be a toss-up to who is more pumped about your newly found cake skills, you or little Susie. If your cake ends up looking terrible, that is a memory in itself, when your kids are older and laughing about it! 🙂

3. Games!

There are several ways for your kids to have the best party experience ever! Try any of these ideas, they are almost free and EVERYONE will have a blast and as a bonus, they will use up some of that energy, which will lower the fighting incidences.

  • Pinyata
  • Pin the Tail on Justin Bieber (lol!)
  • 3 Legged races (using ribbon or string)
  • Egg races
  • Hot potato
  • Musical chairs

4. Parent Directed Craft or Activity

After your children have had a chance to run around and play together, you can quiet the party down a little, before cake and presents by an adult directed craft. This part of your party will take place around your table. Some ideas to do are:

  • Playdough
  • Decorate cupcakes
  • Cutting, glueing and pasting
  • Painting
  • Coloring and learning sheets

Birthday party’s are important to your child, in fact it is THE most important day of the year! Take the time to plan one that your child can think back and remember how you were the best parent ever and always threw the best birthday party’s! 🙂

Saskatoon-Top 5 Things to do at The Forestry Farm Park

Summer is here, FINALLY! And just like all of our Saskatchewan winters, I am pretty sure THAT was our longest and coldest one ever!

Making every warm day counts, is probably one of the things we have learnt to do best! We have great parks here in Saskatoon, one of my favorites is the Forestry Farm Zoo Park. This may not be the formal name, but my girls sure don’t know that. As you pay your (huge) $2 admission into the park, I believe it is free if you are inclined to walk ;), you will take a stroll down a curvy road, (the EXACT same road that adorns our Christmas lights every year) and you will see a sign that says, “Forestry Farm House“. Just past the clearing is a super fun day for your family.

The Top 5 Things to do here:

1. Play at the Park!

I believe, the park set up is sponsored by McDonald’s and as you know they have the funds to build whatever they want. Your kids will love this park and will burn copious amounts of energy playing, chasing, climbing and meeting new friends here.

2. Pick Flowers

You child can pick flowers. Maybe to you they are just dandelions, but to your beautiful children they represent hope, hope that whoever is at the receiver end of their yellow capped bouquet will be happy, it is usually their mom, who is (if you are anything like me) thrilled to bits to receive these scented goodies!

3. Fish Pond

Just past the park is a place where kids can fish. You can usually spot a couple of kids with their fishing rods. They have a great set up, there are large rocks all the way around the pond for kids to get closer to the water, as all kids LOVE water, much more than parents are comfortable with sometimes. They also have benches and picnic tables for either you to enjoy your coffee or lunch.

4. BBQ Grills

If it is a beautiful day, why not have a bbq picnic with the family. There are several bbq grill set ups, but make sure to get there early as they do fill up quickly with families. If you do not need the element the grass is well-kept and any spot is perfect for the blanket and your kids will love you forever or until they want something again.

5. Wide open

This park is beautiful and has huge, open patches of grass for you to play catch with any number of flying objects.

Take advantage of this warm day, if it so happens to be one and check out this park with your family, super fun day ahead!

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