Saskatoon Zoo in the Winter

Winter is cold in Saskatoon and it is also long, which can only mean one thing…your children will drive you crazy! As a parent we need to be creative with how we spend months of hibernation; here are 10 reasons to take your kids to the zoo in winter!

1. It’s free. If you’re like me, that is reason enough to justify almost anything. Did I say almost? What I meant was ANYTHING.

2. Everyone else is doing it. Actually they’re not, if you are looking for some serious solitude with your little chillins, this is the place! Parking lot, empty.

parking lot





3. Animals be chillin’. Outdoors. Since they are not too warm and therefore sleepy and maybe a little lonely, they come and say hi or growl or whatever their thing is.

red panda lynx





4. There are 3 places to warm up, one of which has the best washroom in the zoo!

swan washroom





5. There are 2 parks to hit! Old school in the zoo through the tunnel, just past the concession and one before you go into the zoo, near the wedding arches.






6. The concessions are closed. At first you might be like, what if we want to get something but then you’re going to be like thank god my kids can’t ask me for something! πŸ˜€

7. There are washrooms all over the forestry farm park (in a trailer) to your right as you go towards the zoo parking and inside the zoo (when you first walk into the zoo and in that building past the wolves across from the Red Panda…what’s that building called?)

8. They have goats. They don’t REALLY bite. Maybe they do but as long as you’re careful and keep your hand outstretched its good, did I mention that NO ONE is around so if you like petting smelly, friendly goats, you my friend are having a good day!






9. Cameras. Give your kids cameras, they’ll spend the entire time (almost) not fighting because they are looking for that perfect shot and who doesn’t love taking pictures of animals.

10. Bats, bunnies and spiders oh my.

bats bunnies





We go to the zoo at least 5 times every winter. The kids love it, we get out of the house so my sanity loves it and its a great way to spend a winter day in Saskatoon. What’s your favourite reason to go to the zoo in the winter?

3 thoughts on “Saskatoon Zoo in the Winter

  1. Great post Kari. Winter is my favourite time at the zoo as well. They put in a new zoo entrance in the summer of 2015, so the parking has changed (and there are no washrooms right at the new entrance). The closest washroom to the zoo entrance is in “the building past the wolves across from the Red Panda”. The building is called the Discovery Centre, but the sign on the outside says Affinity Learning Centre. (Not confusing at all… We’re trying to get the City to change the sign).
    Have a great 2015-2016 winter!
    -Greg Fenty

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