8 Reasons Why Living in Saskatoon Makes You Amazing! (And it does!)

Saskatoon Skyline in Winter
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Living in Saskatoon, makes you amazing; here are 8 fabulous reasons for living here!

1. Manners

We have them. Sure every generation appears ruder than the previous, but overall our city is FULL of people with manners. We even DRIVE with our best manners. Try merging in traffic in Winnipeg, if your lucky and it’s not a gangster, you will see “the finger”. (I love Winnipeg, but stereotypes are lovely don’t ya think? ;))

2. You Know Everyone

Try going on a holiday and telling people where you live. Well, wouldn’t you know it, they also know Josh, of course it’s through Jessica and their Uncle Roy but they know him! In fact, he spent last summer at their resort! Wow, Saskatoon is the best!

3. Fashion

We can wear our fashion FOREVER here! We can’t? Try telling that to your neighbor, who was wearing a sexy pair of coveralls yesterday, bet she hasn’t had to splurge on clothes for 3 decades now, Saskatoon is getter better and better!

4. Never Ever Lose Your Dog

You know, because the land here is so flat that if your dog runs away, you can see it for 2 weeks. I actually had someone tell me this joke a few weeks ago, I’m not kidding, way too polite to mess with your head (unlike our neighbors in Edmonton, they’ll do it…with a smile!;))

5. Free Coffee

That`s right. Get friendly in any Tim Hortons line, listen to a couple of stories, find a friend in common, complain about the weather (…you already know the small talk deal) and your new best friend is super likely to buy you a coffee, psh that NEVER happens in Calgary, is anyone even FROM there?!

6. Huge Savings Account

We are not ones to spend all of our money or much of it at all. Sure we like debt, but we quietly watched other places get into trouble carrying all of that debt and we learnt from them, thank you United States (we`re STILL watching, how are those banks holding up, your President won because of Twitter…just sayin).

7. Caluses

Maybe this doesn`t sound good, but it is. We like to do projects by ourselves, we watched a friend of a friends pour a concrete slab for herself in her backyard, if Jenna can do that…You name it, we`ve tried to do it ourselves and if we messed up the job, refer to number 6.

8. Humble

I may sound like I am bragging about Saskatoon, but I was born here and have spent (the majority) of my life here, and I am WAY too polite to brag.

If you are from here also, let us recap what makes us Saskatonians, so damn amazing (because we are, I say this humbly); We ALWAYS use our manners (most of the time), we know EVERYONE who has ever lived here (we`re so awesome), we can wear our clothes for the rest of our fabulous lives, we keep track of the dogs that we have (and everyone elses, because we know everyone AND their dogs), we score and give free coffee DAILY, we have tons of cash in our savings (for ALL that coffee we splurge on), our hands have caluses (no wusses here) and we are (mostly) humble, especially in the winter (all 10 months of it!).

If you`re from Saskatoon, and you have more reasons for our extrodinariouslness, list away my friend ;), and if you are from somewhere else and you have a stereotype to add, PLEASE do so! πŸ™‚

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